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intermediary report, the capital that classics of a financial emeritus personage studies Shakespeare is familial reachs forensic data, the father that discovers British dramatist Shakespeare is wealthy businessmen, accordingly Shakespeare is not the example that build up from nothing.

Shakespeare picture (the data pursues) .

The report says, the everybody before this thinks the father of Shakespeare becomes glove and skin to provide, the business is done well, go bankrupt later. Shakespeare is forced to work to London theater. But, nobody knows the reason that he goes bankrupt.

Law of a financial emeritus personage collect (transliteration, the capital that David Fallow) studied Shakespeare is familial and forensic data. Result discovery, what the father of Shakespeare does is illegal wollens business, business limits pervades the whol爱上海龙凤419桑拿

e nation. For dodge a tax, he still registers business in under one’s name of a lot of relatives and friends.

Shakespeare has 7 years of track上海千花网

unidentified, because he acts according to father to indicate London,be when apprentice. Expire 7 years, shakespeare became father to be represented in the business of London. So, the money of Shakespeare doe上海千花网龙凤论坛

s not keep a play to earn completely.

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